SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Re: SM Flashwaves - sync speed

Genes Pentax wrote:

But it looks like it requires a separate IR sender/transmitter like
Canon STE-2 which costs over $200 by itself. Do other camera
manufactures have those, e.g., Nikon?

Yes, Nikon has its SU-800 IR sender.

I don't think Pentax has one
... which is what I use. So, even if your camera manufacturer has
something like this the true cost of using Radio Popper is quite high
... just as expensive as Pocket Wizard. But if you already have the
IR sender and don't care for multiple channels, then Radio Popper
sounds like a good idea.

It also sound like a good idea for those Nikon and Canon shooters that don't have a IR sender, because as a sender for radiopoppers, you could user every newer Nikon or Canon flash.

Also, to use TTL, you'll need TTL capable flashes. How would you use
it with a strobe like Alien Bee? Or manual flashes?

You can also use your flashes in auto mode without TTL ...


It looks like Radio Popper would be good for Canon users who already
has the $200+ Speedlite transmitter. If you don't already have the
transmitter, Radio Popper is not much of a budget option.

But if you already have more than one Nikon or Canon flashes, it is.

Also, for

users of other camera brands that don't have those IR transmitters,
it may not even work.


This is not for sure. The radiopopper guys are testing their unit with other manufacturer's flashes. With a little luck, it also works with Sony, Pentax and Olympus stuff also.

The thing is, radiopoppers use a very fast electromagnetical impulse from IR sender or flash they transmit to the receiver. And the receiver changes this signal back from radio waves to IR. So, technically, it should be possible to use Pentax and other flashes also. But I think it is NOT possible to mix flashes, because every brand uses special IR signals to communicate.


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