Should I use f22 for sharp landscape prints?

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Re: Okay flawed example

John Wi Hall wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

... wouldn't f11
focused at infinity pretty much bring everything into focus almost to
the tripod's feet?

A minor technical quibble:

if you focus on infinity, you're wasting a lot of DoF 'beyond infinity'.

Can you explain this? By most literal definitions, infinity (infinite) is boundless. Hard to understand beyond boundless. As usual, in photography, I can throw out my usual dictionary.

I was being a little hyperbolic with my statement.

Most of my landscapes actually involve sweeping vistas with very little close foreground or incidental at best. In many of these images, the closest point in the frame is at Infinity according to the camera's feed back.

But the practical alternative is to determine the hyperfocal
distance, and then try to set that on the distance scale (where
distance markings are rather sparse).

I don't understand a bit of this. This probably assumes I know something about hyperfocal distance. I use Merklinger instead and it works beautifully. I found hyperfocal focusing so obstructive to the creative flow (mainly because I have lingering doubts caused by certan aspects of the principle), that I dropped it completely when I found out about Merklinger.

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