NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Calibration to sRGB in aRGB mode possible?

bionet wrote:

Sorry for bumping up this old thread, but the 2490 is not available
in Europe so I really wonder if the 2690's native mode can be
calibrated to display proper sRGB, completely disabling the extended

Of course it can. There's nothing to disable.

This is an sRGB, 8-bit monitor. It can only display 16.7 million colors at any given time. It just so happens that it can select those 16.7 million colors from a palette of 69 billion colors. That selection is done through calibration. You want sRGB calibration? fine. You want some other custom calibration? No problem. You can have different calibrations and use which ever is most suitable for the current task. Most likely, you'll just want to use sRGB all the time.

Good Luck!

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