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correction...hold the Ctrl Key and click 3....nt

cspringer wrote:
You can often get the "Dragan" look by using the Blue Channel which
contains the contrasty wrinkles, blemishes, etc. in the skin of an
older person. Of course, there are many more steps in trying to
reproduce the dragan effect but this is often a good start.

Hold the ALT key and click the 3 key (blue channel). You can walk
through the Channels by clicking ,1,2, and 3.
Click Ctrl A and then Ctrl C to copy the blue channel.
Add a New Layer and Ctrl V to paste the blue channel.
Try the different layer blend modes (i.e., Overlay) and adjust the
opacity. Add a mask to tweak.

W.C. Green wrote:

I guess I should have been more specific... I love the richness of
the shots by Pam R and others... I have gotten a similar look, but
using a totally different process which is FAAAR more time consuming.
I think some are calling it a Dragan look? Not sure. I just know
that Channel Blending is the key to what I have read and I need to
get a better grasp on this process in order to find a quicker path to
getting the look I want.
Thank you,

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