UDMA and SanDisk Extreme IV

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Re: Write speed example


Shooting 14 bit lossless compressed NEF plus a medium fine Jpeg pair, I'm getting 11.18 mb/sec with Sandisk Extreme III cards and 17.53 mb/sec with Extreme IV cards.

Honestly - that's easily good enough for what I do, and I'm a guy who regularly ran up against the buffer wall with my D2X in the studio - I never have that problem with the D300. I shoot any faster, and I'll blow the breakers on the strobe packs (I occasionally shoot long bursts where I'm at 2 fps, and that heats up the packs pretty quick actually)

I could see someone like Marianne or a sport shooter might hit the wall, but man, with fast cards the D300 at least certainly covers most realistic uses better than any DSLR I've yet owned...


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