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Re: DOF with strobes

The Schillings wrote:

Posted this in the lighting forum as well, but maybe here is better...

This is a pretty noob-like question, but what is the best way to
achieve high depth of field while using studio strobes, both indoor
and outdoor? Do I need ND filters? Anytime I open up a lens to f/4 or
wider, I exceed my max sync speed of 1/200th, especially outdoors.
Indoors I'm dialing down the output of the lights really low to the
point where I get hardly any noticeable ratio between two lights. Any
tips would be appreciated.

Lighting forum definitely.

High DOF? Simply dial down the aperture - shoot F8 or F11.

You mean low DOF? (shallow?) You are shooting at 100 ISO right?

If you want to shoot with high ambient light and shallow DOF then you'll need ND filters to be able to increase the relative amount of light by the strobes.

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