A Different kind of review E3 vs competition.

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A Different kind of review E3 vs competition.

Reviewers complain about E3 Image quality etc. etc.

Trolls and well meaning observers tout the advantages of FF over the 4/3 sensor etc. etc.

However every time I see pictures posted from the E3 they are of very high quality and when I compare my pictures with other photographers pictures (I know a lot of Nikon users) the E3 is always equal or better

So to get a better overview of the subject of IQ and photography I have long been toying with the idea of setting up a test where "End Users" of pictures evaluate the overall image quality. So to satisfy my curiosity I decided to make a small survey using data from this site :


I set up a small test of 5 different cameras:

1. Canon 40D
2. Canon EOS IDs MK III
3. Nikon D3
4. Nikon D300
5. Olympus E3

(NB! In hindsight I should have included the Canon 5D, Sony A700 and Pentax K10D but at the time I didn't want to complicate it too much and 5 cameras are already a lot to evaluate).

This is the only site I know of where the photographer and the subject (Bikini girls) remain the same (if you know of a different site with as many cameras used where subject and photographer is constant please let me know).

The instructions given to the respondents were:
1. Disregard the looks of the models.
2. Disregard the poses.
3. Look at skin tones, hair details and background (when in focus).
4. Look at details in the picture when available.
5. Look at color rendition and overall tonality in the pictures.
6. Look at the overall impression of the quality of the pictures.
7. Rank the cameras 1 to 5 where 1 is the best and 5 the worst.
8. If to cameras are equal in your opinion then rank them equal.

The respondents all have no idea what D300 or E3 means (non photographers), half boys and half girls. I finally tabulated the results and It was very surprising to say the least.

Do the exercise yourself (or ask your colleagues to do it) and tell me the results.

I will post the results from the original survey in a little while


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