2x teleconverter. They are cra#!

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2x teleconverter. They are cra#!

I decided to give my used $50 rokunar mc 2x m/af a fair trial today. First I tried a couple of images on my Maxxum 7 and it did not work with the 70210 beer can. The I grabbed my a100 and the 75300 big beer can, which is where I was hoping to use it. . . and all it did was confirm what I have thought about 2x converters for over 40 years.

They are cra#! A cheat to get around a problem and not even a good one at that.

Poor image quality, difficulty metering, no AF and when I put the a100/75300bbc on a mono-pod the thing weighed so much the surface contact broke between the pins and terminal plates so nothing worked. Take it off the mono-pod and support the lens and body in each hand and the metering was intermittent but at least there sometimes.

Image noise was horrendous, focus detail a joke and image quality was not worth discussing.

I will concede that a matched converter to a prime lens may be worthwhile but for using with a long zoom it turns out so poorly that it is a waste.

Oh well back to looking at the 500mmf8 as a viable long lens

Just had to get it off my chest
Paul Cassidy

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