What is a good backup utility?

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Re: All backed up now

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Thanks Vernon: Thats about what I thought, only not in detail. I am
one of those guys who knows much more than he understands :-).

So it would be worth while backing up C: just for stuff like email
and so on. I actually put my drivers and downloads in the other back
up. This is the download, not the actual appllication, but I could
get to them and run them again. I also have all my actuation info
saved. And of course I have all my CD's for programs.

But to make a real bootable system restore would require my getting a
PHD in Windows, right? I could see that in my brief experience with
Acronis. Easy for you, because you know the lingo.

Ben, usually the difficulty is in the early stages of learning a particular software such as Acronis 11 -- then, find that we have absolutely NO need for 95 % of the features (or JUNK if we give it the proper category) -- then the 5 % becomes as easy to use a Notepad.

Getting through the above is the real problem for the "less inquisitive" individuals.

Example: I now use and need (only a few features) for Norton Ghost 2003 and using those are VERY easy and Intuitive.

There are usually "bundles of comments" on these forums about specific software (such as Acronis 11) but it seems that only a few (or perhaps NONE) have actually went through the "rough part to completely learn" the software and are willing (or know how to) present a step by step that is usable for a NEW user to use and feel comfortable with the software.

My comments are NOT intended to be critical or "mean", instead; they are meant to encourage users to be more helpful with details regarding the ACTUAL use of the selective software -- rather than so much "general discussions"....

I was hopeful that a "present user" would help with details for you and any others that have a need for that type software.

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