What is a good backup utility?

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vpeters wrote:

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vpeters wrote:


I told you about SyncBack two days ago. Have you checked it out yet?
It will do exactly what you want; I do the same thing. I don't even
use the high end version, I use the freeware simple version and it
works perfectly. Simply copies files that have been changed from
designated folders and leaves the unchanged ones alone. Doesn't use
compressed or proprietary formats. Maintains existing folder
structures. Files are accessible by any program, doesn't require use
of Syncback to access a file. Costs nothing. What else could you
want? Check it out. You'll be pleased.


Victor, that does appear to be as Ben described what he needed. I
have a question since I have never used or reviewed the product.
Does the (SE) Version have the ability to synchronize files and
folders to assure that 2 computers have the same files (and versions
of files) to be EXACT alike. OR** is this only available in a more
advanced licensed Version.
I will (using Google) view some details but sometimes the sites for
products are more "Marketing" oriented rather than feature oriented
-- so that is why I actually prefer comments by actual users.
Your next lines probably indicate that (SE) has the feature.

Ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the
same files. Let 'Smart Sync' do the work.


I use the freeware version which I think is called just SyncBack. The
more powerful version for which you have to pay is called SyncBackSE.
The freeware version is sufficient to keep two or more computers
synchronized. I actually use it to keep three computers synchronized
(home, office and laptop) as well as two extrenal drives. It works
very well and, very importantly when you are keeping so many drives
synchronized, very quickly because it only copies the files that have
been chnaged and leaves the unchanged files alone. The other thing
that is very important to me is that it does not use compression or
proprietary formats so you are not at all dependent for life on using
their software. That's the main thing that I hate about most of the
other backup products. It's also quite easy to use.


Victor, thanks for your reply and information.

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