What is a good backup utility?

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Re: All backed up now

Ben_Egbert wrote:

At least my files. If the program remains stable, I will go ahead and
buy it.

I can also use the same technique I have been using to make a copy of
my C: drive. But the instructions say it will not be bootable unless
my the external drive has been created as a boot drive (or some such
words to that effect)

I am pretty sure it is not, but could probably see when I boot and
get the system info page during boot.

The question is this. Is it worth backing up the C: drive if it is
not bootable when the C: drive fails?

Sounds to me like what this would give me is a copy of files and
programs and so on, but probably not an easy to access them if C:
failed. Also, not sure what I would do if one of the files got
corrupted. In that case, the Vista backup ought to work so long as C:
did not fail.

This is not a big deal to me. My data files are my big concern here.
So this is just a curiosity question.

Ben, my comments will be somewhat "general" but rather -- long as usual --regarding System Backup for the Primary Boot Drive.

Normally, the data type software will not (and does not) access the several areas of the Hard Drive that normally is NOT accessed by what I refer to as normal programs. A normal program being one that is NOT designed to read (and back up) ALL applicable areas of the Hard Boot Drive.

The "System Backup" programs normally are programmed to have access and the ability to read and back up ALL areas of a Drive. This is somewhat like just starting at the beginning address of the drive and "literally" copying each and every area that contains any type information and this includes everything.

Microsoft places some of the installed information on the Hard Drive to where it is NOT normally accessible by "Normal Programs".
Enough on the "Preaching to the Quire" type of details.

In summary, it is "just My OPINION" that what you mentioned would NOT be considered a System Backup and would be VERY difficult to use should you need to or want to re-load and re-install your system. However, there are parts of the information on the C: drive that you (and anyone else) certainly should Backup and be just as attentive to the backup's as they are with their most precious Image and other personal files.

Some of these are Email plus all applicable information, Photoshop Preferences, ALL needed download files, software downloads, Drivers, Desktop, Preferences or Favorites, and many many others.

These are so many and sometimes so hard to find and identify (for some software) that it is actually quicker and MORE accurate to do a normal and complete System Backup. That is what I do and will continue to do as long as I have and use Computers. There is simply too many things to consider and keep up with for me to NOT spend 30 minutes or less to make a system Backup and a complete Validation which includes ALL of the installed, etc that is on MY Primary Drive (Box) which includes Partitions C: and D:. Trying to be selective for the items I mentioned would probably require more time and NOT be nearly as accurate or useful as a complete backup.

If my system should "FRY" my Primary Hard Drive, I could remove it, install another partitioned and formatted drive and complete a Restore (in 1 hour or less) and be back running normal with all information current to the date of the backup used for the restore.

If I had to install XP Pro, plus all the software, plus all the updates, plus activations, etc, etc -- my Prayer would require more time that the above described functions would require.

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