Electric pins within Nikon F mount

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Re: Electric pins within Nikon F mount

rgmoore wrote:

MrToddsFriends wrote:

Sort of beginners question: While most lenses for Nikon F mount do
have 10 pins, what is specifically missing if the pin count is less
than 10?

As seen on review of 18-55 VR on dpreview: This one has only 7 pins,
albeit it is a "G" and "DX" lens. What is missing here?

As seen on my own copy of a 1.8/50 "D" lens: Only five pins.

AFAIK, 10 pins is standard only on AF-S lenses. Screw-drive AF
lenses use only 5 pins, as you saw on your 50/1.8. IIRC, the special
AF lenses for the F3AF used a few more pins, which is why there's a
space between the first 4 pins in a regular AF lens and the 5th pin.

Actually, the old F3AF lenses still used 5 pins. They had their gap in a different place. Instead of serial communication, they used two lines to drive the motor directly. Those pins are left empty on the screwdriver lenses, to keep them from getting fried if mounted on an F3AF.

F4 was cool, it had both interfaces, so you could use either F3AF or screwdriver AF.

It looks to me as though the new micromotor AF-S lenses- the kind
without manual focus override- use only 7 pins instead of 10 like
other AF-S lenses.

Sort of. Pin 8 is an extra ground, which helps with the lenses with big motors. Pins 9 and 10 are for teleconverters.

Going by memory, the extra pins in 10 pin AF-S
lenses are used to supply power to the AF-S motor.

The extra power is in the gap in the original pinout. I think this means that putting an AF-S lens on an original F3AF will cause something very bad to happen.

It's possible
that the micromotor type lenses simply can't use the extra power, so
Nikon left those pins off.

They don't support teleconverters on those lenses.

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