K20D Noise Reduction part II

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D300/K20D Comparison

OK it was a quick test and the daylight faded a bit from the D300 to the K20D so I had to expose about a stop higher for the latter to achieve a similar histogram. The gap also changed the ambient/indoor light balance so the WB on the K20D struggled a bit with the mix of daylight, tungsten and flourescent whereas the D300 did rather better. This actually did not do the K20D any favours at all. I used a similar shutter speed to minimise the noise difference. I also used Silkypix v 3.0.16. Noise reduction and sharpening were turned off completely. I also noted that the native ISO on the D300 was 200, so I shot both at this ISO.

I have shown the full pics so you can judge if I did it as well as possible. Its the best I could do. Anyone who wants to try the same process for themselves is welcome to use the RAW files if someone wants to host them and you can draw your own conclusions. I am not interested in any comments about the inadequacy of my testing methods as I am aware of them thank you. I had 30 minutes of fading light in a camera store and I was completely unfamiliar with the D300. For anyone that does not like it, go and borrow the two cameras and do it yourself.

I can see a difference between the 2 cameras, but when corrected for WB (after the event) the cameras are actually quite close. I have included the standard deviation numbers for the crops to avoid subjectivity. If I had shot at exactly the same time with custom WB I think the Pentax would have done slightly better and may have matched the Nikon. I even included a +3ev crop to show that there is still not much of a gap.

My view?? Sometimes we can get very carried away with theory but in practice I dont think the K20D is far behind the Nikon in terms is how much shadow detail you can pull out of an underexposed shot. In fact is shows very typical CMOS behaviour. If you really must do this, I would recommend a Nikon D3.

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Pixel peepers miss the big picture.

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