What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Second copy link

Ben, I assume you read vpeters post above. His description indicates
it may also be one that you may want to do a "Test Drive" if you
haven't run out of Gas...

Heck, why would I do this again if I don't have to? This is not the
least bit fun.

Ben, I thought by now that testing software was getting to be fun for you.
Just -- JOKING -- of course.

I rebooted and it launched this time and remembered my profile. It
still shows that the file is in use on my budget, but not on other
spreadsheets. But it still saves the last version. I have been
opening and saving with test numbers to make sure it has the last

I set it up for 10 minutes rather than when closing. I would probably
change that to once a day when I get comfortable.

I am about half way through the learning curve, or at least as much
as I want to know.

Next step I wil create profiles for my other stuff, like images. Then
I will test it for a couple of days to make sure it is stable, and
always launches. Then I will buy it or look for the next round of

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