What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

GaryDeM wrote:


in my 3 copies of my pics or other backed up folders there is no file
that i cannot access and use instantly because it is comprssed or
anything else that would prevent me from accessing and using it.
simply start your program and goto that file anytime the user wishes.
at this point however i always work off the primary files. but the
backups are just as good for any use anytime.

Gary, I understand that with your usage of the "original NON
compressed files" that you can instantly have instant access of any
of your files.
What about the files that are compressed on your backup drives. I
may have misunderstood but I was (and still am) of the opinion that
you do not have instant access for these with any of the normal
programs such as Explorer.
That is what Ben is concerned about.
Specifically: What is needed to be done to be able to access the
Compressed Back up files. This explanation would be very helpful.
Thanks again for your help....

the only compressed file is the norton save and restore backup. and
there is no need to look in there till the c drv crashes. i have had
to use that compressed backup 3 times now and the norton software
worked perfectly.

i have no compressed backup or other files. the exception is the norton image of the c drv. ALL THE BACKUPS ARE SIMPLY RIGHTCLICKDRAG and drop from the original folder/file. i simply do the rightdragdrop of the primary pics folder(all 100gb of it) and about 2 1/2 hrs later i have an exact 1 for 1 copy of the folder of the primary pics, only now it is on a different ext hrd drv. the original pic primary is totally intact. i do the same thing with 12 other folders on my c drv. and in that backup hdr drv is a copy of the registry, my favorites, and my address book. these are all 1 for 1 copies. none are compressed in any way.

with the exception of the registry and the norton c drv image ALL THE REST OF THE BACKUPS ARE ACCESSABLE BY ANY PROGRAM THAT I WISH TO USE ANY TIME. this is because they are 1 for 1 backups.

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