What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

GaryDeM wrote:

still do not know why you worrying about compressed backups of your
primary pics. i have a 500gb ext drv which is my primary pic drv. i
have about 100gb of images on it. there is another identical 500gb
drv that is the backup of the primary. every 2 weeks i simply delete
the backup and rightclickanddrag the 1 folder that is in the primary
and it makes an identical backup. i also have a 3rd drv that i have
another copy of the pics on(when the first rightclickanddrag is done
i do the second). after backing up i have 3 identical copys of my
pics, if necessary i can get to any or all three, but normally i use
the primary only. nothing is compressed ever. i can get to all my
shots anytime i want.

what it sounds like is that you do not want to do the backing up
yourself. i never have a problem with my system of backups. and i
rightclickanddrag some other folders in the c drv to 4th ext hdr drv
for a separate backup. the big backups of the pics, i simply start
going and go to bed or something else.

the only compressed backup is the image backup from norton save and
restore. and there is no reason to look at anything in there. that
backup is there in case the main c drv goes to lunch

Gary, I am NOT trying to answer for Ben. Instead, I have read several indications that Ben does NOT want to have to do a restore or any type of function that may be necessary to be able to use the files normally with ANY type software that can access his folders and files just as he does with explorer and his other software.

It has nothing to do with the thought of using some type of Compression -- instead it is that he can not use the files as discussed above.

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