What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Ben, What is the Name of the 2nd copy -- Re: Trying second copy today

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

This one looks promising.

It has a neat how to use it right on the web page before you donwload
and I was able to see that I liked the user interface from that. The
price is $29.95, so no problem, so I downloaded the trial version.

It was not hard to set up a back-up of my budget folder just the way
I wanted them. The only problem is I keep my budget on my desktop.
Not sure how to back up my desktop, or if I want to. I may move my
budget back into my budget folder. I was surprised to find out the
budget did not exist on my budget folder. Guess I don't understand
how desktop works.

I have it set to back up files whenever thay are changed rather than
weekly and to syncronize. I also allowed it to save old files to
another folder for now. I normally don't want old stuff, because it
is just more junk to clean out later. But I can always just delete
the folder periodically.

I will try this for a while and see how it works.

One quirk I get is when I open a file I get a sound messege saying
"file is in use? Whats that all about?


There have been so many different Backup related titles that I don't
seem to know what you are referring to as "Trying the Second Copy".

Thats the name "second copy". It seems to have a glitch, or I do. It won't back up my budget spreadsheet because it says its in use.

This could be because it has links. But non of the links are open. I also removed it from my desktop. So that should not be the reason it shows file in use.

I like it, of I can solve this issue. It does not do this with other spreadsheets I have tried, even another one that was on the desktop.

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