What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Recovering from Acronis now

Guy Scharf wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

I appreciate all the replies to my inquiry. I want to be Certain
that I understand the various comments correctly -- so:
May I ask (and to verify) if I understand properly.
1) The "Folder and File" backup feature has NOT been reliable.

Not for me, with Acronis 10. I suppose it works for most people or
the feature wouldn't be there. I've had enough problems that I never
use file backup feature. YMMV.

Does this feature HAVE to use an Acronis Created Partition (as
Discussed in one of Ben's post). This (as far as I am concerned)
regarding creating a Partition seems VERY unusual for ANY program
other than those for initially preparing a Hard Drive for use.

No. I have never used an Acronis Created Partition (ACP). An ACP is
effectively a hidden partition for your backups. "Hidden" in the
sense you can't access it normally from Windows. So that provides a
slight degree of extra protection from someone deleting your files.
I've never thought it provided me with any benefits and have never
even been tempted to create one.

2) Cloning the complete Partition C: to another hard drive works
Some comments were regarding using EIDE as the (TO) drive, Does
it also work properly when using SATA as the (TO) drive.

Mostly I create images (to .tib files) and restore them rather than
using the direct clone process.

The reason I was not certain was that your previous post referred BOTh to "imaging drives and restoring them and for cloning drives."

"I find Acronis excellent for imaging drives and restoring them and for cloning drives."

I use Ghost 2003 and have used Clone (just to test the function) but prefer to (and always use) the DRIVE Backup to Image File(s) which appears to have less restrictions, and versatility and does not require a complete Drive (or Partition) to be dedicated for the normal backup Process.

I can use any Partition on any drive (BOX) for the TO drive. I like to use different physical Hard Drives for different backups which adds some versatility in case of a Hard Drive disaster.

I use both internal and external EIDE drives and internal SATA since I (so far) don't have external SATA but I do have both in Removable Drive units which operate as an internals but are removable.
Thanks for the clarification.....

I have restored using both the
Acronis Windows program and the Acronis Rescue CD--a bootable CD.
Restore works perfectly to SATA drives. I imagine cloning would work
too, but I can't remember whether I have ever cloned to a SATA drive.
The two times I tried cloning, it was to a PATA drive.

3) Does Acronis handle Backing up the C: Partition as a backup to an
IMAGE file? (This is definitely different from Cloning a
If it works properly, does it work when using either EIDE or
SATA Hard Drives.

I think you are asking whether you can back up the C: drive as a
partition image? Definitely Yes, I do that all the time. Both EIDE
and SATA work fine. I've never noticed any difference between EIDE
(aka PATA) and SATA in how Acronis works.

See above --- I prefer to backup to image file(s).

Guy, many thanks for the clarification (for me) and the additional information.

Even though I do NOT presently use Acronis, It appears that I need to check the Folder and File Backup details to see if I can determine what is causing the above mentioned issues.


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