What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Recovering from Acronis now

Guy Scharf wrote:

Have you tried to use (or used) it to Backup selected Folders and
Files like Ben was wanting to do.
Same question for ANYONE that uses Acronis 11.

I have tried selective file and folder backup with Acronis 10.
Acronis was not reliable and would frequently fail. Their tech
support seemed to give up on me and not be interested in repeated
problem reports.

Acronis offers the ability to restore an image to a different
location, essentially a file-by-file restore. I tried that with
Acronis 11 and 10. Both failed about 1/3 of the way through a 25 GB
disk, pretty much locking up the system when it failed due to
resource exhaustion (I don't know what kind of resource--it wasn't

I find Acronis excellent for imaging drives and restoring them and
for cloning drives. You can mount an image and assign it a drive
letter, allowing you complete access to everything in the backup.
That works well, and I was able to copy an entire 25 GB volume from a
mounted image without any problems.

For file and folder backup, I use SyncBack SE, which is excellent for
that purpose.

If you have a huge volume filled with images, such as my 500 GB
drive, file-by-file backup with SyncBackSE is the way to go as it
copies only changed files. An Acronis image backup would reread
everything on the disk and create an unweildy and huge image file.


I appreciate all the replies to my inquiry. I want to be Certain that I understand the various comments correctly -- so:
May I ask (and to verify) if I understand properly.
1) The "Folder and File" backup feature has NOT been reliable.

Does this feature HAVE to use an Acronis Created Partition (as Discussed in one of Ben's post). This (as far as I am concerned) regarding creating a Partition seems VERY unusual for ANY program other than those for initially preparing a Hard Drive for use.
2) Cloning the complete Partition C: to another hard drive works correct.

Some comments were regarding using EIDE as the (TO) drive, Does it also work properly when using SATA as the (TO) drive.

3) Does Acronis handle Backing up the C: Partition as a backup to an IMAGE file? (This is definitely different from Cloning a Partition)

If it works properly, does it work when using either EIDE or SATA Hard Drives.
Thanks for your help and clarification for me.

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