31 vs. 35/2 vs. 35/2.8

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Re: 31 vs. 35/2 vs. 35/2.8

Still, by all reports that I have seen, the 35/2 is quite good,

Nope, it's great. Very very punchy.

you should not regret having it. I would suggest that you place more
emphasis on focal length.

Yep. That's what it boils down to. But the limited is very special. But also slightly inconvenient. The FA 35 is amazingly convenient - shocking performance for such a tiny, light, and useful little package! And the hood is just great. You can even slide it onto your FA 28 if you need to... [EDIT: it doesn't mount properly, but won't fall off immediately if you do stick it on there for a single shot. If you keep the FA 28 on all day, you should get it its own proper hood.]

The FA 31 has an inconvenient lens hood / cap system.


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