What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

GaryDeM wrote:

why would compressed format be a nono? it does that in order to save
space on your hard drv.

Memory is cheap, a 500GB external HD is about the same as a high end 8GB CF card. If I need an image, I want to be able to browse to it. I won't have a clue where it is, what the name is etc. I usually look for it with Breeze browser which can see raw files. My images are all named by date, so I can usually get close, but need to see it to pick out the right one.

99% of my back up will be images. By the second month, these are no longer back ups, but primary.

Here is how I work. I save this months and last months raws on my primary drive. Each week I back them up to an external drive. Each month I write them to a DVD and erase the prior month from my primary drive. This keeps my primary drive fairly clean. This also means the image on my external is my primary image. Thats why I don't want it compressed.

So my primary drive never has more than two months worth of raw. But my external will have all of them. If I need an old image, I get it from the external, which is much faster than finding the DVD and loading from there.

When the external is full, I Will get another external.

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