What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

why would compressed format be a nono? it does that in order to save space on your hard drv.

save and restore can also restore an individual file or folder as well as the whole drv. if you think a folder is corrupted or missing or deleted just have s&r rstore that item.

i have never rpt nevr felt the need to look at the resore file though it is possible, just go through the s&r software. if i thought that the main file was bad i would not look at, i would restore it. i am speaking of the c drv only. i use another backup system for the rest of my files. described below.

i have 4 ext usb hdr drvs. 2 of which i use for photography only. 1 is the primary and 1 is the backup. my current working pics are on the pc's c drv, once i am done with them i move them to the k drv(primary photo).

when i backup the primary, every 2 weeks, i simply delete the backup(drive L) and right click and drag the 1 and only folder in the primary drv to the backup and select copy here. for my 100gb primary drv, the copy takes about 2 1/2 hrs. i do that when i am doing some thing else. when the backup is being made i have no backup that is why i have 3rd copy of the photo drv on a 3rd hrd drv(drive N), which i also right click and drag immediately after the first backup.

there is no software involved i simply use windows xp pro sp2's right click and drag feature. i do backup my c drv every saturday morning at 2am automatically with Norton save and restore, but i do not use it for the other backup process that is all right click and drag. it works fine and with no other software. i do right click and drag certain folders from my c drv to my k drv, these are for backup purposes.

1 item about using software to make a backup, that uses incremental backups after the first one is that the backup will grow and grow and grow because you are always adding to the the backup never replacing it. in time it will be much larger than the item you are trying to backup. the only alternative is to wipe the backup out and startover. with my right click and drag system the backup is exactly the same size as the original.

my 4 ext hrd drvs are a 300gb, a trio of 500gb.

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