What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

my experience with acronis-

a zillion people on these forums like/love acronis backup. last fall i tried to put it on the pc, it installed fine but would not backup. the acronis engineers spent 3 weeks trying to get it to run, and that includes techs supervisory techs and management techs. they were on the phone with me every day. they remote operated my pc upwards of 6hrs a day 7 days a week. they ran every test on my pc they could come up with, the pc passed them all. it never did run. finally they told me they could not get their product to work on my pc, and gave me my money back. they mentioned that my pc is not the only 1 they could not get their product to run on. i am currently running norton save and restore which works fine.

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