What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Recovering from Acronis now

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

blackhawk13 wrote:

Have you tried to use (or used) it to Backup selected Folders and
Files like Ben was wanting to do.
Same question for ANYONE that uses Acronis 11.

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I saw some odd behavior, bad actually, real, real, real bad, like lost data bad, when I was using the secret spot feature. My system has some many HDs that have changed in size and in OS loads that the drive letters seem to shuffle like cards!

Acronis got confused, but like most backup utilities, I don't trust it to handle data folders, be it my fault or Acronis's, lost image data is still lost!

One reason I put Acronis on it's own IDE HD with it's own clones OS (which it cloned) was to keep it from changing drive letters and to not have to do it's weird reboot shadow copy voodoo dance. It copies from drive A to Drive B, but the Acronis app is on Drive C. Since it's on a IDE post, that frees up all six of my Intel SATA controller ports, which alarmingly, I use all of!

Used like this Acronis fulfills its prime function, and why I bought it; it provides a 100% redundant OS drive. I can rebuild my entire OD disc in less than 15 minutes to a fully functional, loaded, and configured OS. Minty fresh, clean, pure, with none of the days worth of cursing! I don't care if it crashes, and I play in the registry constantly which is fun. It frees me to easily try and optimize it's RAID configuration as well as far as best strip size, number of discs, and which port combo works best on this controller.

When Acronis is on a HD that's not part of those being cloned, it makes a perfect, carbon copy, that is bootable, with no tally marks on it's own left on the copies.
Perfection! That's why I love this app!

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