What is a good backup utility?

Started Feb 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
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A better solution

The problem with scheduled backup is that when something breaks down you will loose something. Worst case 1 week of work if you schedule weekly backups. A better solution is to use some of the new instant backup solutions.

With instant backup the backup software monitors the folders you have decided on (in fact it's Windows that does it already). When a new file is created or changed the backup software copies it to your backup device (another PC, external hard drive etc.) If you backup device is not online the files are put on a list and copied when the device comes online.

This means you can forget about the backup completely. The backup device contains a true accessible copy of your files. Some of the programs can even keep a predetermined number of version of each file if you have a need for that.

Check out this list of four instant backup programs:


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