What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Recovering from Acronis now


Ben, your comments and experience so far makes me even more thankful
that I can continue, and have continued to use Norton Ghost 2003.
The manual for it is also rather large. When first getting it, I
tested all functions that I contemplated using and found a few issues
and notified Symantec.
The features I needed and use are in use now for over 4 years and has
worked perfectly and is applicable to only around 5 to 10 % of the
total volume of the Manual
Also, your comments makes me think that I should download and do an
actual trial "Test Drive" of Acronis 11 and see if I can identify the
parts that would be usable for the "average user" along with any
issues that may be important.
Over the many years, I have done "shake downs" on many software
packages especially since I was responsible for Systems Design,
Programming, Testing, Implementation with the users, etc; for
Computerized applications for many years when I was in "Corporation
Employment for over 25 years" that doing so is not a "big deal (or
chore) for me to do. Most of the time, it actually is fun for me.

It looks to me like "try and decide" (which sounds like a learning entry point to me) is not that at all, but a serious step with no easy recovery. So I advise to stay away from that. I did not see any other steps that I wanted to take for a first try out of the system.

The reason I had to unload twice is because I had not fully exited try an decide when I did the uninstall. It only showed up however when I rebooted.

It seems to me like a proper uninstall would also undo the hidden partition since it is useless after Acronis is gone. Or at least they should include steps to undo that before it exits.

This was a trial program, what happens if after 15 days you don't want it? Seems odd it would make permenent changes to your system of this nature and just leave them behind.

Do you remember when you had Dos, Viscalc and your budget spreadsheet all on one floppy disk? Single sided at that. Those were the good old days. I never adapted to the world of hard drives and folders and paths very well. Just slip in the floppy, and it boots, loads Visicalc and your program. No mystery.

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