UDMA and SanDisk Extreme IV

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Write speed example

jeminijoseph wrote:

I haven't seen any reference if extreme IV cards are UDMA. Lexar 300X
states that it's UDMA. Can someone tell me what're different UDMA
cards? I want to buy a 8GB card and want to buy the fastest for

In preparation for an important recent shoot where I was planning to use RAW instead of JPEG files, I did a check of CF card write speed. I do not recall what size RAW files I was using, but this will still give you an idea of relative performance.

Measuring the time from the moment that the buffer fills, to the moment that it finishes emptying, I obtained 9.1 seconds for a Lexar 2GB 300x UDMA card, and 7.2 seconds for a Sandisk 2GB Extreme IV card. Thus the Sandisk writes noticeably faster on the D3.

I haven't measured upload (read) timings, but then that will depend quite a bit on your card reader and computer.

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