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Re: Recovering from Acronis now

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

I downloaded and installed the 15 day trial of Acronis 11 home. After
three reboots, in the try and decide option, it manages to create a
save zone on my external HD.

Next I tried a simple back-up, but it was garbage. First of all , it
does not want to just back-up, it wants all sorts of bells and
whistles. Then it creates them in a stupid format that is not human
readable. But worse of all, it needs to have a back up folder at the
destination. Whatever for? It should just copy the folders I wanted
copied. No matter, I sent it to one of my test folders and lo and
behold, gibberish.

So next I attempted to uninstall it. Took two uninstalls to get rid
of the program, but it left behind its safe zone. Thats a 100GB chunk
of my external that is worthless to me now.

So I am attempting to recover this using tools in the control panel.
It looks like I will end up with a 100gb partition, hopefully one I
can access.

Ben, it has been several days since I reviewed the Manual for Acronis
11 so I may not remember the details. Your description sounds like
you may have set up a Secure Zone by your comments about the

It was mandatory in the try and decide section. Can not even run try
and decide until a secure zone is started.

Also, did you select some type of Compression or just accept the

I accepted the default, but the user interface did not have any
options I could find. I have a very hard time finding stuff because
the names for operations are never what I expect them to be.

The best I remember in that area of setup, there is a

choice for NONE (for NO Compression) regarding Compression which of
course would use more disk space but who cares about that in order to
be able to read the Folders and Files normally with Explorer, etc.
I agree that most of these type programs have so many optional
features that seems to only make them more confusing when NOT needing
to use them.
The Manual provides a LOT of discusses (and pages) regarding
different Backup Types. What usually is needed for any of the
various (do it all) software is to review the Manual and identify
ONLY those features (or functions) that you want to use and
concentrate ONLY on those features and (unfortunately) usually do not
accept any Defaults without being cautious to review if they are what
you want to use -- for your needed purpose.

I read the first 20 pages of a much longer document and also looked
in the index, but the index did not have headings that indicated it
would be talking about turing off compression. Fact is, I was not
even able to find much about simply backing up.

I got my hard drive back now, so no big problem. It was a very good
exercise in hind sight because it allowed me to see that this is a
program for an IT type, which I clearly aint.


Good lesson here, I don't need a system recovery program thats this
unintuitive to use.

The built in Vista system recovery Will have to do. Now I Will try a
simple (is there a simple) back up.

I also tried the Sync Tool, but it would not download for some
reason. Probably the web site was too busy. However, that one did not
appear to have the ability to schedule back-ups.

Ben, your comments and experience so far makes me even more thankful that I can continue, and have continued to use Norton Ghost 2003. The manual for it is also rather large. When first getting it, I tested all functions that I contemplated using and found a few issues and notified Symantec.

The features I needed and use are in use now for over 4 years and has worked perfectly and is applicable to only around 5 to 10 % of the total volume of the Manual

Also, your comments makes me think that I should download and do an actual trial "Test Drive" of Acronis 11 and see if I can identify the parts that would be usable for the "average user" along with any issues that may be important.

Over the many years, I have done "shake downs" on many software packages especially since I was responsible for Systems Design, Programming, Testing, Implementation with the users, etc; for Computerized applications for many years when I was in "Corporation Employment for over 25 years" that doing so is not a "big deal (or chore) for me to do. Most of the time, it actually is fun for me.

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