edge sharpen vs. sharpen in Aperture

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Re: Stuart, go to apertureprofessional.com/showthread.php?t=1485


I followed these same instructions with Aperture 1.5 to add edge sharpening to the adjustment HUD but had forgotten how I did it. It was a little more tricky this time--something about my computer set up or 2.0 perhaps, but with some fiddling I was able to do what was necessary to get not only edge sharpen, but noise reduction and the plain 'ol sharpening added to my HUD. Pity Aperture doesn't have this as a simple preference option. I'm going to send Apple feedback on this. If enough of us let them know this is a feature we want, maybe they'll accommodate us in a future update. Seems pretty basic to me.

On another note, Aperture seems pretty "conservative" regarding sharpening. I would be interested in knowing Aperture's philosophy regarding this. Both Sharpening and Edge Sharpening have to be cranked up pretty high just to see results and I suspect Aperture feels the Raw Fine Tuning sharpening is enough or else they would have added at least one sharpening method to the HUD. Anyone know anything about Aperture's approach to sharpening? I'm used to Capture NX and it makes my Nikon images sing with its excellent sharpening. Can't quite get the same results with Aperture.


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