D300 is now FANTASTIC to me... Thanks to some forum members...

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D300 is now FANTASTIC to me... Thanks to some forum members...

After my switch from D3 to D300 for the reasons you can read here:

...I was very disappointed about the noise @ low iso, especially with a (grainy-ugly) blue sky as background for flying birds and similar applications in pictures shot @isos as low as 200-400...

Until last week I was using with my D300 @ the same custom settings as I did with my D3 which was D2Xmode1 for people and D2Xmode3 or vivid for nature, macro and wildlife. With D3 these settings were working perfect, nearly noise-free images from the lowest iso until iso1600...with D300 though these settings were origin for very ugly noise in the background and in the details of the images...

Somebody nice here told me that D3 & D300 can't be used in the same way related to in-camera settings and he adviced me to try "neutral" in-camera setting while pushing contrast to +1 and saturation to + 1, sharpening @ level 6.

The result is simply stunning. Nearly no noise anymore, even in heavily cropped images, perfect detail and colours.

I am soooo happy I can say "WOW" also about my D300. Thanks once more to some kind forum members here.

After solving this problem I still find you can do simply more with a D3 NEF file as with a D300 NEF file but right now the advantages of the DX format, better sensor AF point layout, 1.5 factor for tele lenses, size and weight of the camera, built-in flash etc... counterbalance @ least to me the better IQ of D3. Used in the right way, IQ between D300 and D3 isn't really "huge" anymore.
I also have my "this morning" real life samples:

Shot was made handhold with D300 & 80-400VR, handhold, iso 500, in camera settings as mentioned above. No PP, only resized for the web and cropped.
The original scene:

The crop:

Once more thanks to some kind forum members here...
Kindest regards,
I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a second...


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