What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Sync Toy by Microsoft free (nt)

Hi Ben:
Thank you. You can use compressed or uncompressed. I use uncompressed.

And if you need to restore, it is very easy. What I recommend is to read the excellent instructions and to "play" with the system as much you can, creating test backups, using the scheduling facility, letting the computer on standby or idle during the night in order the back up do not disturb your work. There is a feature called "awake" the computer to start back up. You even can program it to delete previous backups, preserving the last one, or two, or whatever you decide,

in order yo always have a fresh and complete one. Even if you program incremental backups, the software always start with a first full backup and then the incremental ones. If you decide to keep the latest 3 backups and than erase the first one, it will start again with a full backup. I am sorry if I didn't make myself understand, but my English is bad.
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