How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

Started Feb 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
joe mama Forum Pro • Posts: 12,623
This would make sense...

I agree with your comments about Nikon's history and noise reduction,
but the D3 really is a very low noise camera, at the RAW level. I
need better files to measure exactly, but the D3 seems to have
slightly less image shot noise (highlights and midtones) and the
1Dsmk3 slightly less image read noise (shadows and at high ISOs,

...if the D3 has a more efficient microlens covering. If true, I have to wonder why Canon did not also make a 100% efficient covering as Nikon claims for the D3.

They are very close in overall noise. Of course, the 1Dsmk3 has more
resolution. The other DSLRs out there, including all the previous Canons,
are inferior to both.

If the overall noise is virtually the same, then why is the D3 superior at ultra high ISOs? If it's simply NR, why is Nikon's NR so much superior to NoiseNinja, NeatImage, etc.?

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