What is a good backup utility?

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marcpilot wrote:


Yep, the standard assumption is I can't or don't have time to re-install my system. Its a pain, but I just did essentially that. Its the programs, not the os thats a pain to reload.

The real deal is still your files, nothing can replace those if you loss them. And when they are buried in a drive with a million folders, or worse yet, in a compressed system, they are pretty useless to you even if they are saved. The assumption is that you remember the name or the file structure. I prefer shallow structures. A long list of folders at one level is fine, embedded is not.

These folks think these back ups are simple. They also think the remote for my TV is simple, or the Comcast menu for setting the DVR. They are wrong.

I sort of know how to reload all my programs, just did it. I know I could fresh load an OS, especially if I go buy one, and I would for sure, a 64bit system, which I wanted to start with.

I am getting more and more convinced that I will back up by the old copy and paste method. The only downside is that it lacks the ability to skip unchanged stuff.

Now, do I still need Acronis or another program to partition my external drive and make a recovery disk? Maybe I do, but if it takes 3 days to read the manual, I am pretty sure I could reload all my programs in less time. And yes, I know where everything is. Could not say that a month ago, but for now, I do.

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