How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Nikon is the best in noise reduction. That's all

TheVoIP wrote:

I am not saying that D3 suck... I am saying it is not better than 2
years old EOS 5D nor 1D mark III in actual image quality. I am still
with Canon because it clearly provide me with some of the best lenses
for the job; EF85 f1.2 L II, EF135 f2 L and EF100-400 IS L that Nikon
do not have.

I agree with your comments about Nikon's history and noise reduction, but the D3 really is a very low noise camera, at the RAW level. I need better files to measure exactly, but the D3 seems to have slightly less image shot noise (highlights and midtones) and the 1Dsmk3 slightly less image read noise (shadows and at high ISOs, midtones). They are very close in overall noise. Of course, the 1Dsmk3 has more resolution. The other DSLRs out there, including all the previous Canons, are inferior to both.

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