What is a good backup utility?

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Re: Tried some things

Ben_Egbert wrote:

I tried starting a back-up of a folder to DVD using Vista. First of
all, you need to be in the admin account. But it wants to copy entire
drives not individual files. Anyway, the interface was not friendly

When I inserted the DVD into the drive, a version of Roxio appeared.
Not the one I bought for my old computer, but probably close enough
for me to be able to use it for burning my monthly raw image back-up.
I have Roxio on my laptop and use that to transfer vacation images to
my personal computer.

Next I read parts of the 125 page Acronis manual. I did not see any
back-up feature here. I see some drive copy, but this program seems
to be all about partitioning, and recovery. Just droning thru the
first 25 pages or so and then using the index to find anything
pertaining to file back-ups, I get the impression that it would
require a steep learning curve it it exists at all.

I will now go to the other suggested back-ups and see what they look

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Acronis is complicated. If you clone and have swappable HDs that aren't always present, it can get confused and create problems.

On my multidisc system I never got it to function right, too many HD changes going on, so I keep it on it's own HD, with it's own OS. It's just for the OS disc to provide the capacity for an instant rebuild. I can rebuild my OS disc in abot 15 minutes from time of melt down.

Again, unless vista is special to you, or you need it, save yourself time, trouble, and more time, and just load XP. Vista is a black hole that just sucks time and energy into it with no bottom it seems.

XP Pro has never been easier to use, or more secure than now. Kind of funny, isn't it?

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