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tricky dickie Regular Member • Posts: 100
Re: eyecup ME-1

Paul in New Orleans wrote:
Hi Dick,

Thanks for telling us about adapting the Pentax O-ME53 eyecup for use
on the E-510 since I, also, wear glasses.

Yes it is the O-ME53.
It's much nicer then the Me-1 especialy if you wear glasses like I do.

In what ways is it better for you than the Oly ME-1?

Does it have less magnification and thus lets you see more of the
screen at once?


Can you see the whole screen and the f-stop and shutter speed info on
the right whithout having to move the position of your eye?

Yes, I can anyway

Is it a matter of the rectangular rubber eyepiece instead of Oly's
round one?

Yes, the rubber eyepiece nicely fits on my glasses. Where the ME-1 is made of hard plastic and doens't adapt in anyway to glasses this one does perfectly.


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