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Re: Lugers...

We had stop there for a meal, after teaching at a local hospital. After teaching / speaking there, we went on to DC., but not before …

Driving through Lincoln Tunnel (on our way to our hotel) and having a limo driver show us his gun. I'm sure he was showing it to us, because we slowed down and were starring at the BEAUTIFUL women in the back sit:)

The next day (after a visit to the Zoo* (the one with real animals) after this happens, (the Peter Luger's event) we decide to stop somewhere to pick-up a pizza, to eat on the our way out of town, and heading for DC. We stop at a cool place just outside of Times Square area. I order a large pizza, not knowing it was going to be a LARGE pizza. Damn thing must have been 24 plus inches in size. Now that is fine, but what wasn't, was my brother laughing his ass off, not walking ahead of me to the car. Now I'm a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, and while walking to the car (a Honda Accord Hatchback) - kicked a refrigerator box, to got the scare of my life, as a man jumps out of the box and screams "How in the hell would you like it" "if I kick your house!" Now I manage NOT to drop the pizza (somehow) and get to the car. Well I unlock the doors and TRY to get in, but the pizza box is larger then the door opening:(

I'm now wondering, when this will all end. Well I opened the back hatch, folded the rear seats down, put in the pizza, and got to hell out of town.

This was the end of the first week, of teaching / speaking we were doing, and I wasn't sure we were going to get through the next week, and or I was wondering, what more could happen - seeing DC wasn't known for being a small, quite little town.

It turned out to be reasonably uneventful and once we finished headed back to Maine.

Two weeks I won't soon forget.

Our bus trip to the Zoo was an expensive one. We only had $20.00 bills or larger. The bus driver told us, put in the $20.00, which we did - figuring he was going to give us change, nope, no told us to go sit down, so others could get on the bus. We ask for our change to which the driver said "I'm a bus driver, not a damn banker, now go sit down!

Just a trip that is full of memories:)

I wonder of this is some of why our folks moved us to Maine.


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