More shots with the infrared flash

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Re: More shots with the infrared flash

Russell Evans wrote:

Have you tried using the focus trap bug? At least you'll know
something is in focus.

Now that I know what the focus trap is....

I can see that it could be very handy, but not in this case. The problem with focus in this case has more to do with a couple of issues:
IR doesn't focus like visible light, so I have to kludge for it.

There isn't much light, and shining the autofocus assist, while not as obnoxious as a flash, is still obnoxious.
I need to hit the shutter when something intereresting happens.

For these reasons, prefocusing really works best. Even shooting available light, autofocus is so slow in the dark I always prefocus. If there's enough light for the autofocus to work, I'll use autofocus to prefocus, then disable the focus by using the "OK" button, while I shoot.

I could see that it might work to modify a flash so that the focusing aid bars, rather than being red were infrared, that might give me a fast, invisible focusing aid.

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