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Pentax focus trap

AF-S focus trap post using manual lenses by GossCTP

I suppose most people on the forum are familiar with the focus trap. It is a method that allows setting up the camera to fire when an object comes into focus. The problem with the technique is it basically hinges on a design quirk when trying to use manual focus lenses in AF-S mode.

If the system were to be changed at all the technique could basically vanish in future bodies. I think Pentax should make it a full fledged drive mode. Instead of being limited to MF lenses it should work for everything. Set it up on a bird feeder, focus, press the shutter and walk off. It would work much better with an IR remote. The current technique requires the shutter to be depressed the entire time. As a mode it would only be needed to reset the trap. An adjustable auto reset timer would be nice as well for those of us without remotes.

AF-S focus trap with AF lens post by Jos de Bont

With a little trick, you can fool your camera and use AF-lenses with the focus-trap: the only thing you need is a little piece of cellotape. Place it over the contact closest to the AF-screw and the camera doesn't know a AF-lens is attached. The camera now works as if a plain A-lens is attached. (Doesn't know focuspoint eather, so for SR you have to adjust it manually in the menu.)

Doesn't work as the OP required (I would like this future as well), but I hope it will do for the time being.
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