What is a good backup utility?

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Re: What is a good backup utility?

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Is the built in Vista back-up utility any good?

It is a decent backup utility, but doesn't meet your requirements. It doesn an incremental backup and puts the contents into a not so easy to browse structure of zip files. So if you want to browse the contents of your backup hd, then you should look elsewhere.

Also, Vista backup will want to backup your whole hdd, you only get the option in the GUI to select which filetypes to backup, which also isn't very granular.

There are some registry entries to define some folders that it will NOT backup, so really not easy to setup if you want to backup just a few folders.

Where Vista backup shines in my opinion is the possibility to right click on a file on your hd, click "Previous versions" and open any previous version that was backed up earlier.

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