Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

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Re: Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

Yann, the whole point of the printer profile is that the profile describes the behavior of a given printing system configuration -- this includes the printer, the ink, the paper, and the driver configuration. That last point is particularly important. A profile is valid for only a specific driver configuration: the config that was used to print the profile target that was then used to build the profile itself.

In other words, the principle is that you "lock down" the driver settings, build the profile, and forever use those driver settings when using that profile to print your real images.

If you change to a different preset in the driver, then you are changing the driver setup and hence invalidating the profile.

The idea behind choosing a preset (i.e., before creating the profile) in the driver is to find the preset (or custom config) that gives you the best mix of d-max, smooth blends, neutral grays, wide color gamut, free of smearing/artifacts, etc. The optimal settings of course depends on the printer, paper, ink, etc. It requires testing, but often one of the defaults will work pretty darn well.

But the key thing is, once you have found settings and used them to build a profile, don't change them! (or you'll have to reprofile)
Eric Chan

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