Image display problem using Firewire & eSATA drives

Started Feb 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
ojohn Senior Member • Posts: 1,137
Re: Image display problem using Firewire & eSATA drives

There's a problem with your eSATA and Firewire connection. Can't tell if it is in your computer or the eSATA/Firewire hard drive.

If you could try a different external eSATA/Firewire hard drive of a different brand you could narrow down the bad part. Or take your drive to a different machine and test eSATA and Firewire connection.

Until then, only use your USB connection. If you copy pictures to or from that hard drive using eSATA or Firewire, the files may be permanently corrupted.

The problem is not the nVidia drivers. It's either a corruption within Windows, OR bad hardware in your computer, OR bad hardware within the external hard drive. Just one of these, and they're all about equally possible.

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