Bias in DPR Reviews? See the numbers for yourself...

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Bias in DPR Reviews? See the numbers for yourself...

Just out of curiosity, I compared the scores given to the last 10 dSLR cameras, of various makes, models, target audience etc. Who decides whether a camera is "highly Recommended" or "Highly Recommended (just)" - which is like saying we hate to give this good rating - and what criteria do they use. Is one category weighted heavier than another, ie is image quality more important than value (obviously it is in real life, but I am referring to the decision to award a rating)? Does the target audience make a difference, ie are entry level, semi-pro and pro cameras subjected to different criteria?

Have a look at the chart below, showing the scores awarded. The first row contains the rating (HR vs HRJ), the rest is obvious.

Overall, the E3 (HRJ) is the 2nd highest (tied), looking purely at total score out of 60, yet 8 cameras with lower scores are HR.

Some of the criteria is purely opinion, for example the E3 scores lowest (tied) on ergonomics and handling, but the other two low scores are HR. I find it hard to believe that the reviews are conducted over a long enough period of time or in circumstances which permit a real world test.

What about image quality? Obviously very important. 4 cameras with the same score are HR, but the E3 is HRJ.

And the E-3 has the best features (tied) and gives the best value (tied), yet cameras with lower scores in both are HR.

This seems to me to be a very blatant case of bias against the E-3, and perhaps Oly in general, on the part of Simon (although I will acknowledge that he gave the 510 an HR rating). What is your opinion on this?

By the way, I don't have an E-3 so I'm not sticking up for and trying to justify my purchase; I do like Oly gear, but I'm hardly a fanboy. I just want to see the criteria by which these ratings are decided and see it applied fairly, regardless of brand.



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