Using the Speedlight SB-400 in a vertical position

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Re: Using the Speedlight SB-400 in a vertical position


I use an Sto-fen Omni-Bounce which creates a diffused bare bulb effect with the SB-400. For verticle shots the Omni-Bounce provides some light up to bounce off the ceiling as well as the side wall. Not a complete solution, but helps.

See Omni-bounce at B&H.

For the best solution you will need to get the flash off the camera with a Nikon Flash Cable to allow bounce off the ceiling. A Nikon SC-28 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord or SC-29 is one solution.

Plus a camera flash bracket helps hold the flash in a verticle or horizontal position to bounce off the ceiling. I like the Custom Brackets CB Junior Flash Rotating Bracket Kit, with Camera and Flash-Cord Anti-Twist Plates. Not cheap but effective.

Custom Brackets CB Digital-T Flash Rotating Bracket is another option for smaller cameras.

Let us know what you decide to do.

monkeyrpn wrote:

Does anyone have any tips for using the SB-400 in a vertical
position? Is there anyway to redirect the bounce so it goes off the
ceiling and not the wall on the side?

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