Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

Started Feb 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Yann Bouckaert New Member • Posts: 4
Re: Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble


Because I wanted to create my own profile for HP's Professional Satin Photo paper, this time I chose to print my test chart using HP's preset for this paper. Within Photoshop I chose to print without color management. Now that the profile is built, converting to it in Photoshop's print dialog box and selecting the same paper preset now gives very good results, better than HP's own profile.

If assign this new profile to a new custom photo paper setup (HP Printer Utility), and select this setup during printing, I get a lighter result. I know that this flow makes no sense color matching wise (because the cmm is happening in Photoshop), but this proves that the used linearisation/ink limiting is different between HP' photo presets, and the one for custom photo papers.

HP's documentation on the web explains clearly how to assign a custom profile to a new paper setup, stays quiet on how to print a test chart for it.

Neil, if you have done some testing on this subject, I'm all ears.


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