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Picasa Sharpening Noise Reduction

I have been using Picasa for three years now and even taught a course on it at the local high school. Not many people are aware of these few things:

1. When you sharpen a photo in Picasa it does not get exported as sharpened. Just a bug in current version

2. The latest version of Picasa will not even show a thumbnail of a D300 NEF uncompressed file. The thumbnail appears for a few seconds and then goes to a black blob.

3. If you are okay with jpeg's, as many are, you can easily control other apps from Picasa such as Noiseware, CNX, and PS:
a. Right click on the photo
b. Choose Open With

c. Open the photo in the target app. When done save the photo in the same folder, but with a suffix (e.g.: JLH_2069-NW-NR-CNX-Sharp-PS-levels.jpg)

4. I noticed in the Noiseware tutorials that they show a workflow that has noise reduction as the first step. I thought that was odd, but when I dug into it it made perfect sense. If you remove the noise first (assuming you have a noisy shot), then all of the subsequent steps (which tend to amplify any existing noise), are less noisy as a result.

Some day Picasa will support D300 NEF files, and then I can use the NEF+JPG option more often. One poster had a great idea:
1. Shoot in NEF+JPG
2. Bring all jpeg's into Picasa (or other)
3. Cull, crop, straighten, etc. in Picasa

4. For images that need intense work, copy just that NEF file to the hard disk and work on it in your normal NEF workflow.

This approach saves lots of disk space for shots that don't need NEF controlability, yet gives you the flexibility to do either, as needed.

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