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As was stated above I think that you could accomplish what you needed with iweb with some practice. The regular templates are simple and effective and dreamweaver is also good. There is another group 11mystics who also have a ton of iweb templates that are for all types of taste. The biggest downside to iweb IMO is the time it takes to put it together and learn it at first. It takes a little getting used to to set everything up but after you do your original template and just add it is a breeze. The upside is that it is typically less money than to have someone else do it and if you want to make any changes to your site you can do it in an instant.

The speed can be slow but is usually because of some overzealous creator of a site that has too many things going on for the average person. Case in point is this website that i did for soccer team that is going to give you some perspective on speed since it definately has too much stuff on it:


Here is another site I did for the 2007 college bowls:


Neither are examples of what you were looking exactly to do but hopefully they give you some idea of the different things you can do. Good luck and look forward to seeing you site when you decide to finish it up.

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