Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

Started Feb 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
HUM469 Contributing Member • Posts: 671
Where are you? Locally could end up being worth it.

If you are in a larger metro area, call around to the stores. I just got back from a local Best Buy where I picked up an open box A700 that came out to $1193 with 8.1% local sales tax and the extended accidental warantee. Though it was an open box, all the cables and things were still factory wound and the little foam cover was still factory taped over the camera. Even still has that new camera smell.

Just to add to the luck, picked up a beer can and a 50mm 1.7 for a combined total of $90.36 at a local used camera shop. That's $65 for the beer can and $20 for the 50, with about 6.4% (just across the boarder of a different city). Now I just need to find a deal on a 16-80Z! Yeah right, anyone got a recommended standard/wideish walk around that is also economical that I can search for?

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