K20D body at Calumet

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Re: first pic ... not to be too cynical, but....

hi jack

Jack Simpson wrote:

...Karen, isn't that the same picture you posted when you first got your

glad to know you're still full of laughs, jack!

and now for the tough questions :o

they aren't tough at all, jack.

A) Is/Was there anything that you didn't like about the camera upon
first fiddle?

not one thing.

B) Was/Is there anything that you really liked or just leapt out at
you as "wow, how did I live without that?

i was pleasantly surprised at the quietness of it with the 50/135 as i had not done the upgrade on the K10D since some talked about getting a virus. it's so quiet and quick with this lens it is a real treat.

i was also pleased at the fact that the F*300 f4.5 seems to focus faster on the K20D than on the K10D.

so far these are the only 2 lenses i've used on it since grabbing it from the UPS guys hands this morning and hugging the box tight!!!! i thanked him for delivering my new "kid", he laughed.

Cheers and have fun with your new baby, good luck with those dodgy
images and, lastly, Hi to Jim

dodgy or doggy? and absolutely will have fun with the new 'kid', weather is looking good tomorrow so i'll try to get outside w/o the rain (although more is coming.) i'm sure jim says "hi" back!


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