K20D body at Calumet

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more photos

realize i'm having a hard time finding things to take pics of in the rain!

these were all taken with the 50/135, each shows the full photo, there is NO cropping and minimal PP on a couple. i should say all were shot in RAW as that is the only way i shoot, converted to jpg in lightroom to CS2.

perhaps i can get more tomorrow depending on weather.

karen clanin

looking down into a 5 gallon bucket of apples past their prime, they are for the sheep, used the on camera flash
1/180s f/6.7 at 80.0mm iso400

the neighbors flags whipping in the wind, i did lighten this as it was back lit, if you look close you can see rain drops all over the frame frozen with the fast speed to catch the flags.
1/4000s f/6.7 at 103.0mm iso400

i did absolutely nothing to this one but size it
1/500s f/2.8 at 135.0mm iso400

one of our nigerian dwarf goat wethers, used the pop up flash -- his eyes are actually blue, that's not flash reflection. i did nothing to this one except size.
1/180s f/11.0 at 135.0mm iso400

a rose shoot, used pop up flash, nothing else except to size it.
1/180s f/6.7 at 135.0mm iso400

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